Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Free @ Last!!!

So as the title states, we are out of the hospital and free to go home and see our little angel!

Lisa's procedure went well and after the mandatory over-night stay, we are out of there! It wasn't totally bad, just who really likes to be in a hospital? I know we don't, especially since we have been away from our daughter for 5 solid days at this point and are anxious to get back to her.

Lisa is doing fine and it looks like she will heal up nicely. Due to the meds she'll be on, she will bruise really easy; don't be giving me any crazy looks when she is all bruised up, I didn't do it!

She will have to have a check-up in one month, which can be done in STG @ the wonderful DRMC, and then a three month check back in SLC. So it looks like we'll be coming back up north again in a few months.

Thanks again for all the comments, calls, texts, emails, thoughts, and prayers; we really appreciate all the love and support.


  1. So glad to see that you guys are doing much better. I love that you have been keeping us updated. Glad you're back to baby Lydia :)

  2. I am so glad everything went well this week! We've been thinking about you both and love you guys!


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