Monday, January 25, 2010

Lisa Update

I have a much anticipated update of my sweet wife Lisa.

She is now out of the "procedure" (Every time we used the word "operation" we were quickly corrected and told it was a "procedure.") and in the resting stage. She will be resting for at least 3 hours and then she should be able to walk around and stretch a little. After the "exercise," as long as everything is looking good, she will be assigned a room and we'll stay overnight.

According to the Docs and RNs, we should be checking out Tuesday midday or earlier, then on the road to pick up our sweet daughter (thanks Lionel and Artis for watching her) and homeward bound we are.

I'll continue to post updates as we go, so keep checking back.

Thanks for all the love and support, you have no idea how much we have felt it. We are lucky have such wonderful friends and families. You are the BEST!!!


  1. Did they thread a camera and "umbrella" up her femeral artery to close the hole in her heart? They were considering that with our oldest son and then the hole closed on its own (HUGE BLESSING). Hugs and hang in there!!!

  2. Hey Lars if you need anything I am right in SLC. My number is on my facebook page just give me a call.


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