Sunday, January 24, 2010

Music and Creativity

I'm here in SLC with my wife waiting to have a heart procedure and we decided to rent a movie from a RedBox while at Dan's Foods buying a few necessities for Sunday. While there, we ended up with Up! which we plan on watching Sunday PM, I noticed the documentary It Might Get Loud and I realized I had never seen it and suddenly NEEDED to see it immediately! You can imagine my frustration when it wasn't available in that particular RedBox machine. So we leave and head back to our friend Lynette's house, where we are staying this weekend, and immediately start devising a plan to find the documentary which had evaded my viewing eyes for too long!

After digging through drawers and cupboards looking for a phone book, I called the local Blockbuster and find they have at least one copy and ask if they'll put it on hold. Sure enough, the young woman on the other side of the call agrees to my plea for Rock and puts a copy aside while I try and figure out how I'm going to convince them to let me take it without a membership. I haven't had a membership to Blockbuster for years, especially since it is no longer in St. George. Apparently Lisa is still in their system and all I had to do was "borrow" her driver's license and I was in business.

After convincing Lisa this little scheme was in fact a good one, I was off! After fighting with our out-of-date GPS, thanks for letting us borrow it Mom and Dad - I'll help you update it when I get home, I was in business.

What a GREAT documentary on the history of the Electric Guitar with 3 of its most innovative users - Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White. I haven't been so entertained by a documentary EVER! It was well done and had an amazing soundtrack. I highly recommend it. Check it out and learn a little about the history of how the Electric Guitar has changed the way music has shaped our lives.

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  1. Please call us if you need a meal or a place to stay while you are up here.


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